Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular RDBMS. SQL server has evolved from sql 1.0 in 1989  to the latest release of SQL Server 2019 (preview) to become one of the best enterprise level database server’s.
SQL server is released with different editions.

  • Express: Free to use entry level database which can use 1 core cpu, 1 GB ram and have maximum size of 10GB.
  • Compact : Free embedded database for mobile app development and can have maximum size of 4GB.
  • Enterprise : Full featured top end edition.
  • Standard : Have less features than enterprise.
  • WorkGroup: suitable for a company to use among the group.
  • Developer: Same features like enterprise but is licensed to one user only.
  • Web: Specially targeted for web application
There are some other editions like Datacenter, Enterprise evaluation and Business Intelligence.
These all editions are not available on all version of SQL Server.
Now: For learning purpose i will recommend you to download express edition 
you can download 2017 express edition by visiting this link  click here
RDBMS is a database management system that is based on the relational model introduced by Edgar F. Codd .It has been a widely used option for storage of information in a database.It is the basis for SQL, and most of the modern database systems like MS SQL,IBM. 

SSMS(Sql Serever Management Studio)It is a software application that is used to   configure, manage, and administer all components within the SQL Server.
SSMS was a part of the SQL server during installation in older version of SQL Server( before Sql Server 2014) but later SSMS is a separate installation.Download SSMS 2017 by visiting this link click here

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