Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC First Application

Requirements: Visual Studio (i am using VS 2017 for demo)

  1. Open up the visual studio and Click File -> New ->Project 
  2. Click Visual C# -> Asp.Net Web Application (.NET Framework)                                              In the Name i.e Project Name and Solution give the name as required here I have given      Name: WebApp                                                                                                                              Solution Name: StudentInformation
  3. Select MVC and then click OK
  4. The application will open with the following view
  5. Run the application from the menu bar or can press F5 or CTRL+F5 
The first ASP.NET MVC Application is up and running in your web browser. It opens the applications home page and opens in the web browser with localhost:port . Visual studio assigns the random port number and hence the port number you see differs.

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