Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

What Is Asp.Net MVC ? MVC is a framework introduced by microsoft in 2008 for building web application. MVC is an architectural pattern built on top of ASP.Net Framework for development of
application based on three main logical components. MVC is lightweight and testable framework and can be used to develop highly scalable and extensible enterprise level applications.
Three main components of MVC
1. Model
 Model is a data specific logic that the application works with.It generally represents the data that is transferred between storage layer and application and between view and controller.
In general Model is a class that contains properties specific to the application domain and transfer data between different components.
View is an user interface that can use model to populate data to the users. They are results of the request made by an user to the application and is returned from controller.
3. Controller
Controller is a component that handles all the incoming request of the application and provides response to the request.
It generally is an interface that interacts between View and Model and hence renders output for the requests.

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    Can we make the timetable to be stored in CSV format and not in database? is it allowed?


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