6 Points to Learn Programming for Beginner’s

Learning programming isn’t that hard neither that easy,But will be simplified once you are in a right direction and know how to.There are lot of things that you can do to making the learning easier.

  1.   Don’t Move too Fast

    Learning is not a race, so keep calm and get it right before moving on, rather then quickly jumping for next. Thinking you know it all but you rarely did will be hindrance as you miss out the things and not have good good grasp of the fundamentals.
Take it as a continuous process and  don’t stop try maintaining the pace till you have mastered the topic

2. Understand the Example Code
 Reading codes doesn’t help you to write a program.What matters is understanding the code, so try to understand the code and always keep in mind start from the simple code don’t flow on the words and go for complex code. Once you understand simple codes you will eventually grow yourself to understand the complexity.

3.Execute The Code
    Don’t just be happy thinking that you have understood the code.You felt it and what you have felt might not really be. So type the code in the editor or IDE and run it,But wait I just said type not copy.Make sure the code does what you have expected.Play with the code,make changes run and pacify yourself that now you have actually understood.
4.Think of Similar Examples and write your Code.
    Once you have understood the example codes, think of similar scenarios and try writing code to fulfill your expectation.You have any ideas,no ? the ideas need not be big,still wondering what to code, search for other example codes from tutorials or books and go on with it.

5.Learn Debugging
    Good Programmers use Debuggers.Stepping through code line by line is the best way to trace the execution flow.Be familiar with the debugging tool you can use in the IDE. You might find using the debugger boring or time consuming but after few debugging you will find it comfortable and fast and know that it is the best friend for the programmer.

6.Stay Hungry, Learn More
    Don’t be satisfied,go for more.We can find many tutorials floating over the internet and some are really good and can help  you understand even better and learn more.If you found difficulties search over and over and still you couldn’t ask someone which is available to you and have a better understanding on the topic. But don’t just rush to ask at once.


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